Energy measurements

Electrical and thermal measurements and energy quality

Over the past few years, taking timely action on company energy costs has become a priority for all employers and a necessity for companies that are managing markets and complex situations. Before our clients can intervene on costs, they need to know what are the main centres of energy costs. Hence the need to accurately measure the energy quantities involved.

Our services

Quantification of consumption

Thanks to the equipment we use and the experience we have accumulated over the years, we are able to measure the consumption of the main energy carriers present within a company.

Electrical power measurement
We monitor the electricity consumed through tools such as power analysers that can quantify consumption. Only personnel with specific sector skills and training can manage this tool so as to optimise the acquisition points.

Thermal energy measurement
We use non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters combined with temperature probes to quantify thermal energy  In the presence of conductive fluids of sound waves (liquid phase), this allows us to determine the amount of calories or refrigeration.

Power Quality

In addition to the amount of electricity consumed in a plant, a particularly important role in corporate energy costs is played by energy quality. Systems with drives controlled by inverters, the increasingly advanced introduction of electronic devices in machine control circuits, but also the use of large inductive or capacitive loads normally determine a degradation of the power quality which, in addition to meaning penalties by electricity suppliers, also create indirect costs in terms of leakage, maintenance and oversizing of plants.
To overcome these problems, we plan complete company power quality screenings and we support management in choosing the most suitable technical solutions for the structure.

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