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The experience we have gained over the years, the interest of our professionals and our attention to the latest technologies make us a competent, reliable partner in identifying energy saving projects and defining corporate energy policies.

We have acquired important results in the following sectors:

  • Papermaking
  • Paper packaging
  • Forgings
  • Plastics
  • Cold working of metals
  • Local public transport
  • Large distribution
  • Foodstuffs
  • Footwear
  • Logistics


Energy audits


Directive 2012/27/EU establishes a framework of energy efficiency promotion and improvement measures aimed at reaching the national energy savings target. Furthermore, it lays down rules aimed at removing obstacles in the energy market and overcoming market shortcomings that hamper efficiency in energy supply and end-use.
In practice: large companies and companies with high energy consumption are required to perform energy audits.
We have developed energy audits in various industrial and transport sectors, gaining significant experience. All our audits are carried out by EGE (Expert in Energy Management) certified personnel in compliance with UNI 11339.


Energy management systems


ISO 50001:2011 is the technical standard that defines the features that an Energy Management System must have. ZeroInfinito develops integrated systems for its customers that are applicable within their structures. Starting from the Energy Audit, the system guides company management in identifying objectives in line with the energy policy, allow companies to draw up savings projects and monitor their implementation and effectiveness. Our technicians’ knowledge also of other certifications such as ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 allows us to integrate systems avoiding repetitions or inhomogeneities.


Energy certification


Building energy certification is too often seen by technicians and clients as a formality to be completed in case of the sale/rent of property. We instead firmly believe that energy certification, accompanied by all inspection and data analysis documentation, is an added value for property and is an important factor in ensuring its current state.
An energy certification is an official document, transmitted to regional offices in Italy, and must therefore be performed according to precise criteria that protect the owners, the real estate brokerage agencies and the party interested in buying, from both a civil and criminal point of view.
It is for this reason that we provide Energy Performance Certificates based on scrupulous inspections and processed in compliance with the latest technical standards, such as UNI/TS 11300.


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