Thermal imaging measurements

We provide complete thermographic service – inspections, thermographic surveys, reports – carried out by technicians who possess 2nd level thermographic operator certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9712 (civil/industrial sector). The reports we draw up have legal validity. This service is aimed at all types of customers: from individuals who hope to restore their property in a targeted manner to design studies requiring instrumental and diagnostic support to companies hoping to identify plant inefficiencies and failures.

Our services

Thermography in the civil sector

Investigations carried out in this field allow for the identification of:

  • Deterioration or lack of thermal insulation of walls, floors and roofs
  • Heat bridges
  • Rising of moisture from the ground by capillary action
  • Presence of mould colonies in the embryonic phase and therefore before they have emerged on the plastered surface of structures
  • Detachment of plaster
  • Leakage of water or other fluids from hidden pipes
Thermography in the industrial sector

It is possible to exploit the characteristics of thermography in the industrial sector also for other purposes in addition to the uses already seen for the civil sector.

Verification and preventive control of low and medium voltage electrical systems
Investigations carried out in this field allow for the identification of:

  • Components operating abnormally or subject to faults
  • Overloaded phases
  • Problems due to incorrect tightening of conductors
  • Electrical modules close to failure or already in failure
  • Problems emerged from the analysis of electric motors

Verification and preventive control of complex production plants. For example: steel plants, paper mills, cement factories, thermoelectric power plants, waste-to-energy plants, chemical industries, etc.
Investigations carried out in this field allow for the identification of:

  • Faults that lead to machinery operating beyond their operating range and therefore under stress
  • Worn components
  • Plant and energy inefficiencies
  • Piping with poor thermal insulation
  • Heat transfer fluid leakage
Thermography on photovoltaic systems

Thermography is not only able to provide reports for the verification and repair of modules involved, but can also provide a historical view of the evolution of localised defects. It in fact allows us to quickly identify the presence of possible problems.
The inspection of photovoltaic panel efficiency must be in accordance with the IEC61215 and IEC61646 standards. Thermography is one of the tools indicated by the standards for these inspections.

Investigations carried out in for this allow for the identification of:

  • Damaged modules
  • Defects in connections between cells
  • Protection diodes that require repair
  • Efficiency losses on panels with non-uniform temperature distribution due to cells or groups of cells with a higher temperature than normal

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